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Rigaer Straße 66
10247 Berlin
+49 (0) 17631210935


Semra Sevin is a German photo, film -and installation artist working on the subjects of diversity and identity. Semra was strongly influenced by the universalist humanist worldview of her family in learning to see the world from various perspectives, particularly in accepting that truth and reality are subjective interpretations and that diverse humans have equal value in society.

Sevin’s complex and distinctly orchestrated arrangements offer up far more references to a “real life” than a purely photo-documentary style would. Sevin’s works lay within the tradition of experimental photography and art (Man Ray, Robert Rauschenberg, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Hans Breder, among others) intertwining elements of abstraction and figuration while also incorporating the ideal of post-contemporary art.

Using photography, reflective surfaces, foils, projections and focusing on in-camera work, Semra produces abstract multi-level images and installations. In their layers and their motion, Semra’s works challenge a single definitive explanation of the world; they enhance the singular view of reality and visually expand it to demonstrate variety. With her keen eye for the idiosyncrasies of different cultures, she not only observes but also becomes submerged in the lives of her subjects, their work, their perspectives and stories.

In addition to her photography, Semra Sevin is also noted for her curatorial work as well as her fine art printing for photographers such as Julian Wasser and Nick Ut. Semra Sevin founded REglam, a fashion blog promoting body positivity and the inclusion of race, LGBT, age & disability. Sevin received her photography diploma in Germany, then worked for 7 years in Paris with some of the best fashion and advertising photographers to perfect her craft, after which she studied film at Santa Monica college.


Solo Exhibitions

Civic Expressions of Reciprocity. Viktoria Park. Berlin (DE)
Tbd. STATION Berlin. Berlin (DE)
Art Projects Paulus Gallery. Vienna (AU)
Metropolitan Angel - Cherub. Carpentier Gallery. Berlin (DE)
Bound to Unbound. Art Space Arabisk. Berlin (DE)
Reflexion Bodies. Stilwerk. Berlin (DE)

Group Exhibitions

Lusus Naturae. Bcma Gallery. Berlin. (DE)
YAMMY. The Power of Attraction. Direkte Auktion II, Berlin. (DE)
Beyond Belief. Haus Kunst Mitte. Berlin. (DE)
Arte Padova. Padova. (IT)
Schöne Show. Schönegarten. Berlin (DE)
Collages. Haze Gallery. Berlin (DE)
Openspace. PR17 Projectspace. Berlin (DE)
50/50. Paul Fleischmann Haus. Berlin (DE)
Photospiel. Karl OskarGallery. Berlin (DE)
bOObs. Galerie linksrechts. Hamburg. (DE)
The Echo Society. Auction for a school in Baltimore.L.A. (US)
CHIMERA - PKJ II. Kunstquartier Bethanien. Berlin (DE)
Dreamhouse Vs. Punk House. Serious Topics. Inglewood. L.A. (US)
EGO SUM… Primacenter. Berlin (DE)
Futterneid. Bar K Gallery. Berlin (DE)
Protest. GH36 Gallery. Berlin (DE)
Perspectives. LoosenArt. MFR19 Festival. Month of Photography. Rome(IT)
The Relative Sharpness of Boundaries. MOPLA. BBAX Gallery. L.A.(US)
Passengers of a Kaleidoscopic Journey. Artspace TabakfabrikReemtsmaBerlin (GER)
Angel Art. Auction. NeueHouse. Hollywood L.A. (US)
War of Nerves. Wende Museum. Los Angeles (US)
WonderWoman ART bitch. Bar Babette. Berlin (DE)
Questions & Answers. Tüyap Art Fair. Taseron ArtistCollective. Istanbul (TR)
Hidden & Bad. AR29 Open Studios. Berlin (DE)
Utopia. Tüyap Art Fair. artist collective Taseron. Istanbul (TUR)
Überfordert. Home-Gallery Vadim Zakharov, Berlin (DE)
Crossing Identities. Senate Chancellery sponsored photo &video series. L.A.& Berlin. (US & DE)
No Commission. Art Fair. Kraftwerk Rummelsburg. Berlin (DE)
Berlin Lab Festival. Downtown Art District. Lot 613. L.A. (US)
City Primeval NY Berlin Prague.
Book publishing event & projections 
in NYC. Berlin & Prague:
City Primeval. Howl Gallery. NYC (USA)
City Primeval. Neurotitan Gallery . Berlin (DE)
City Primeval. Chemistry Gallery. Prague (CZE)
Butterfly Chronicles. Gallery Z22. Berlin (DE)
Transforming Identities. Bulgarian Cultural Institute,  Berlin(DE)
Von Hier Zu Mir. Bulgarian Cultural Institute. Berlin (DE)
PDN PhotoPlus Expo Fair. Museo Fine Art Company. Javits Center.New York (USA)
Mediating War(Artist Curator).Galerie Sprechsaal. Berlin (DE)
Polychrome Unterbrechung des Winterschlafs. Primacenter. Berlin (DE)
The Nude As A Guest. Interior Dasein. Berlin (DE)
Culture festival Wedding Moabit. Pop up exhibition space of theDeGeWo Brunnenstraße. Berlin (DE)
Joan, Joan, Joan!. JWA John Wayne Airport. Los Angeles (USA)
Efteraarsudstillingen. Group show with Nick Ut & TimZinnemann. Pakhuset Viborg. Viborg (DNK)
One Night Stand
. Kim Bar. Berlin (DE)
32nd Annual Student Photo Show. SMC Photo Gallery. Los Angeles(USA)
Red Dot Art Fair. Miami (USA)