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Former Reemtsma Factory, Berlin 2018

Former Tobacco Factory Reemtsma Berlin, exhibition poster Passengers of a Kaleidoscopic Journey, curated by artist Semra Sevin at, 2018
Passengers of a Kaleidoscopic Journey, exhibition view, group show curated by artist Semra Sevin, with 40 artists from Berlin, L.A. and Istanbul, Location: Tabakfabrik Reemtsma, 2018


" (...) they were the best, my friend! The best in the world! And why? Because people mixed there like the waters from the springs and brooks and rivers that flow together in one great living stream.”
 — Carl Zuckmayer, The Devil’s General’ (1946)

From Sept 28th - Oct 06th, 2018 - the exhibition 'Passengers of a Kaleidoscopic Journey' unites 40 artists from Los Angeles, Berlin, and Istanbul to illuminate the theory of kaleidoscopic identities, which is a current focus of cultural propositions, examining terms of identity in its fluidity and diversity in all its forms. "Passengers of a Kaleidoscopic Journey” is a fusion of40 artists from three different continents, forming a symbol for breaking boundaries on 1000sqm of the development site of 'Die Wohnkompanie Berlin' at the former tobacco firm Reemtsma.

Artists will show performances, paintings, photographs, films, sculptures, projections as well as installations as an open-minded intervention of creativity celebrating all colors, races, genders, religions and shapes of this world. While we equally experience a rise of reactionary movements, this exhibition shows and examines how diversity can have a positive impact on society; How “the other” can be recognized as part of our inner frame-work.

“Passengers of a Kaleidoscopic Journey” is curated by German-Turkish photo -and installation artist Semra Sevin. Sevin’s art work challenges the singular view on reality and visually expands it to demonstrate variety. Sevin’s subjects evolve around diversity and identity, which she draws from her upbringing as well as from her cross continental career. Topics such as diversity, equality, trans-nationality and identity became the focal point of her work, in both fashion and art photography: “I learned that a true sense of identity stems from one's sense of humanism and capacity for inclusion. My sense of identity is like a kaleidoscope of those experiences, reflecting and projecting new forms, angles and truths.”

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Adrienne Adar, Regina Mamou, Alexandra Gibson, Lindsey Nobel, Torie Zalben, May Parlar, Artist Collective Taseron: Ozan Atalan, Ahmet Bilgic, Sahin Domin, Gizem KahyaIyem, Osman Nuri Iyem, Defne Sesin Okay, Seckin Tercan, Devin Yalkin, Semra Sevin Erik Andersen, Nina Ansari, Stephan Brenn, Per Christian Brown, GODsDOGs, Mustafa Dok, CorrySiw Mirski, Nicolas Manenti, Astera Mortezai, Ekin Su Koc, Sebastian Kusenberg, Miray Seramet,Semra Sevin, Helene Sommer, Özer Toraman, Victoria Trunova (KOY), Sador Weinsčlucker, HansaWißkirchen, Vadim Zakharov

Text: Semra Sevin