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 I'm so tired written with pink glitter and glue onto a cracked round mirror, 50cm diameter. I'm So Tired. Artwork ©Semra Sevin 2021
"I'M SO TIRED", cracked mirror on dibond support, round, 50x50cm, written with glue & pink glitter, 2021

“I’m So Tired”

Berlin artist Semra Sevin’s work “I’m So Tired” is an investigation of the narcissistic view and what transpires, once you perceive that you are, in effect, the monster of your own world yourself. Through this dramatic self-experience, you understand that you are not who you thought you are - that you are someone else. The artwork “I’m So Tired” furthermore challenges the integration of the shadow self into the aspect of the whole human being and questions the identity of our monsters, in relation to the idea of self and self-image, through the lens of the mirror and the reflection of the actual being. The question arises, how can you actually escape that monster when you understand that the monsters you are fighting are planted deep within yourself; And how do you get the energy and motivation to go deeper into the levels of who you are. How do you accept that an overall integration of the monster within you has to take place in order not to be tired of yourself and be one with who you are.

During 2020, we, as a collective, had the opportunity to both see monstrous things taking place outside ourselves and to have an open invitation to investigate the different parts of ourselves. While being under lockdown, in smaller spaces and not being able to hide our different shadows behind daily and weekly routines, based on pure images of who we are, and posts and reposts through social media of our so-called happy lives. We had to either accept ourselves or realize that we might have always been escaping from ourselves and from whom we actually are. The artist, Semra Sevin, was highly inspired by this theme since it affected herself and a wide array of her friends, colleagues and the world at large. Sevin started to create a new series of works that explores the boundaries between the idea of self and the actual self, and the acceptance of the cracked open self-image. Without judgement, Sevin uses the notion of the narcissist idea of self versus the modern self-production through social media. In this piece, the artist uses the mirror and the reversed image of whom we actually are as a foundation for this new work which enhances an exploration of existentialism, rather than identity.