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Body Reflections

Reality is diverse, based on perspective and reflection, on the background and experience of the one gazing. In this regard, my photographs try to capture various levels of perception. Questioning the world and its meanings, “Reflections” enhances the singular view of reality and visually expands it to demonstrate variety.

My sense of self is manifold, splitting into many different people: I speak four languages; I have lived and worked with international artists in Paris and Los Angeles; I grew up in Germany in a multi-cultural household. These experiences have allowed me to see the world through a prism of identity, reflected in a multitude of lights. And with the medium of photography, in the series 'Reflections', I intend to explore and share what it means to perceive from a multi-facetted context.

Following my work with geographical representation, I began to direct these aesthetic and conceptual themes toward portraying nudes. Within this collection, my focus was on relating the body to the space that it inhabits. How is our mind shaped by our presence in an environment? How does our self echo where it exists? With these questions in mind, I employed further reflective objects as well as projections, merging photographs of bodies with those of scenes, which I consider to be typical for specific cities, such as the green spaces of Los Angeles or the historical cites of Berlin. Here, I created a compounded product, both vibrant and verging on abstraction. Again, the result is painterly, with the contours of the body’s form blending with the curvatures of the reflected effects and the indefiniteness of identity and perception.

Using photography, reflective surfaces, projections and focusing on in camera work; I have produced abstract multi-level images, creating softened and distorted representations of the subjects I shoot, comparable to painted work. In their layers and their motion, the pictures challenge a singular definitive explanation: (I hope) they invite the viewer to complete the interpretive process with all the cultural backgrounds they bring with them.