Berlin and Los Angeles: two metropolitan centres inhabited by people from around the world. The cities see the arrival and departure of countless travellers each day - some merely passing through and other settling. The fluctuation and creative energy of these cities has fostered the growth of two internationally significant art scenes, ones which exist as separate entities, but are also very closely tied together.

In fact, the artistic ties of the two cities have their roots following the end of World War Two, a tie which was officialised in 1967, when Berlin became Los Angeles sixth Sister City. This relationship, meant to connect the cities in a number of different ways, can be seen manifested in the arts through the artistic exchanges offered by DAAD, the Aurora Villa, the Getty Center, LACE, and the 18th street art center, amongst other organizations.

Having lived in both cities on a long-term basis has allowed me to closely consider the resemblances and unique qualities of the two places.

In my experience, the two cities are comparable in their pace and their eagerness for new ideas. Both urban centres act as magnets for creativity, offering productive environments and opportunities for artists, curators, collectors, and others involved in the art community.

Drawing on these experiences, I have created the series, L.A./Berlin: This is my scene, this is your scene. The project is executed through photographic portraits and written work, providing exclusive and personal insight into the contemporary art scenes of partner cities, Los Angeles and Berlin. The collection presents both an overview of contemporary art, as well as impressive visual and written portrayals of prominent and charismatic personalities in the two respective art worlds.

Much like my earlier work, this photography series is part of my search for common ground between different cultures and countries, and in particular, places where I myself have lived and worked. My goal is to promote tolerance through interweaving the different cultures.