I grew up in Germany in a multicultural environment. As a child, I was strongly influenced by my family in learning to see the world from various perspectives, particularly in accepting that truth and reality are subjective interpretations. By my adult years, I was able to fluently speak four languages. Colour particularly was prominent in my childhood. I recall a household, where the colorful fashions of the orient livened the toned-down Northern European decor. These factors have been provided strong influences in both my life and my work.

My photographic training involved working in Paris as a photography assistant for international advertising and fashion photographers Bharat Sikka, Herve Haddad, Blaise Reutersward, and Andrea Spotorno. I have also worked and studied in Los Angeles. At Santa Monica College, I was trained in film and screenwriting. Simultaneously, I worked as a production and development assistant at Sony International TV. Throughout this period, I had the pleasure of printing for several renowned photographers, such as Julian Wasser, Pulitzer Prize winner Nick Ut, and Hollywood producer become professional photographer Tim Zinnemann.

The broad conceptual focus of my work has been around relations between identity and place, as well as art and culture. I am interested in seeing how national and geographical spaces shape the lives of those living in them, and particularly, how these identities are then reflected in the art. I largely draw from my own experiences, especially my ethnic roots and my time spent traveling and working in international teams. My background and life experiences have opened for me a wide range of perspectives regarding our world—perspectives which I have implemented into my artistic work and ideas.